My Fellow DFLers



My Fellow DFLers:

Thank you for attending our 2018 Precinct Caucus at Roseville Area High School on February 6.  Your participation is crucial to our success in retaking the Minnesota House of Representatives in November. Conventional wisdom suggests our district is not important to candidates, but as was seen at precinct caucuses, we had 4 statewide candidates for the DFL endorsement choose our senate district in which to participate on caucus night.  That speaks volumes to your importance as delegates.

Another reason why your participation is so important is because of the role our district plays in electing statewide candidates.  The next DFL governor will win based on the turnout and participation of people in our district, and of the few districts like ours located primarily in the inner cities.  If we can remain united as a party, then we stand a very good chance of beating Tim Pawlenty – one of the most dangerously right-wing governors Minnesota has ever seen.  And we should remain united, right? After all, we have Trump in the White House, both houses of Congress under republican control, and both houses of the state legislature under republican control.  With such minimal influence on policy, we as DFLers ought to be uniting to take down Tim Pawlenty to inoculate ourselves against a unified Republican government like Wisconsin who, under Scott Walker, led an all-out war on workers, undermined their once prized public education system, tossed government transparency, and punished the vulnerable.  Make no mistake about it, if we fail to win the governor’s office this year, and fail to take the 11 seats we need for DFLers to win back control of the MN House, Minnesota will mirror Scott Walker’s Wisconsin in a New York Minute.

This is why I am again asking for your unified support for reelection to the Minnesota House of Representatives.  As Saint Paul’s lead on Tax Committee, I am committed to a progressive tax system where rich corporations pay their fair share and where lower income folks have a pretty good chance to succeed.  As the House DFL lead on Civil Law and Data Practices, I will never stand down from a fight to protect your personal privacy, while also expanding the data transparency necessary for government to be held accountable.  As a 17 year prosecutor, now private defense attorney, in Saint Paul, I am proud to have authored laws to protect victims from revenge porn, to grant compensation to those wrongfully imprisoned, to end racial profiling of our communities of color, and to defeat bills which sought to restrict our constitutionally guaranteed free speech rights to protest.

My allies in these efforts have been our progressive friends - especially those in labor, where I am proud to have served 15 years as a member of AFSCME local 3757.  For my 2018 reelection, I am proud to have garnered early endorsement from the Minnesota Association of Professional Employees (MAPE), the Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA), and the Saint Paul Building and Construction Trades Council.  My hand in hand work with labor has been a hallmark of my tenure in the legislature, and I will never waver from my loyalty to my working brothers and sisters.

I look forward to talking to you in the next couple of weeks between now and our Senate District 66 DFL endorsing convention on March 10 at Roseville Area High School.  For more information about how continue to fight for you at the capitol, please follow my campaign web page .  If you’re interested, you may also find information of goings-on at the House by following the official House of Representatives web page. If you'd like to speak with me in person, please call! I can be reached at (651) 347-1698.

Finally, I’d be remiss if I did not highlight the unfortunate growing cost of campaigns to increase voter turnout and elect DFLers.  You are eligible for a full rebate of $50.00 if you give that much to my campaign. I humbly ask you to consider a donation.  To donate, click here.

I look forward to speaking with you!


John Lesch

State Representative, District 66B 






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