• Ending Big Pharma Price Gouging

  • Price transparency

  • General access and affordability

  • Insulin access

    • About 1 in 4 Type I Diabetics have rationed their insulin. Alec Smith couldn’t afford his insulin so he tried to ration it, and it cost him his life. Minnesotans should never be forced by greedy drug companies to choose between life-giving insulin and their family’s food. That is why I support the Alec Smith Emergency Insulin Act, which would provide an accessible 30-day emergency supply to diabetics who have run out of their medication and cannot afford more.

    • When out-of-pocket costs even with insurance are too great, drug manufacturers must be held accountable. The skyrocketing price of these irreplaceable drugs must be borne by Big Pharma, not by Minnesotans. 

Reproductive Health​

Every Minnesotan should have the right to decide if, when and how they want to have children. The right to make personal decisions about all aspects of reproductive health is our most fundamental. My dedication to reproductive freedom as the essential right of every person is deeply rooted in my commitment to the law, and my Catholic faith. As a ____ year board member of Catholics for Choice, that means the right to:

  • Safe, legal, accessible abortion

  • Affordable birth control

  • Holistic reproductive health care including fertility care, testing, low-cost/free prescriptions, hormone treatment, vaccinations and wellness exams.

  • Protecting pregnant workers from workplace discrimination

  • Supporting working parents by guaranteeing paid family and medical leave

  • Comprehensive sexuality education

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