Public Education and Early Learning

We need to fully fund education and increase per-pupil funding across the state. Every family should be able to send their children to a Minnesota public school and know that the school will have the resources to meet their child’s needs—whatever those needs may be.

Special Ed and other mandates should be fully funded by the state. In cities like St. Paul with large numbers of students who need additional educational services, unfunded mandates hurt students and our public schools.

We also need to get creative about growing programs to create and retain a more diverse educator pool. Our schools have to be affirming and supportive environments for students of all backgrounds.

Investing in early learning is one of the best ways we can help all children succeed and begin to eliminate the significant opportunity gap that exists between indigounous students, students of color, and white students in Minnesota. Every child in our state deserves a high quality education, and that begins with our littlest learners. Part of the solution should be to target early learning scholarships and expanded pre-k are investments we must make now to ensure all Minnesota kids get the great start they deserve.


Child care is at a crisis moment throughout Minnesota. The ability to find affordable, quality child care while so many worker’s wages remain stagnant has become an untenable burden for our families. Lack of child care creates barriers to employment for parents and uncertainty for kids. Our kids need stable spaces to grow, learn and thrive. This is not just the responsibility of individual parents; it takes a village and we must collectively support the care of all of Minnesota’s kids.

We must increase funds to the Child Care Assistance Program, which helps low income families pay for child care, allows parents to pursue work or educational opportunities, while ensuring their children are cared for and ready to learn.

We must also invest in those we entrust to care for and educate our kids - our child care providers. With over half of Minnesota’s child care providers receiving public assistance,  we must commit to increasing the rates paid to them so they may continue to be a vital part of Minnesota’s economy and support Minnesota’s families.

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