Corporate Accountability

Paul Wellstone used to say, "I don't speak for the big corporations. They already have well-paid representation."  While the American corporation is one of the most impressive models for modern commerce, it has also given rise to problems such as environmental disasters, employment discrimination, wage theft and health care disparities, not to mention bank bailouts - all of which leave taxpayers stuck with the bill. 

When you or I make a decision that results in a mistake which injures others, we are held to account on all the perceived motives for our actions, but corporations, as a matter of law, are ultimately legally accountable for only one thing: making money.  Profit is a great thing, but when the rest of us have to pay for irresponsible profit, then we have a problem.  As your State Representative, I will fight to ensure that corporations have to play by the same rules as everyone else, and that when they break those rules they are held to account.

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