Affordable Housing

Where we live is more than just a shelter - it’s the foundation for our health, education, economic well being, and security. But finding affordable housing is a near impossibility.  More than 1 in 4 households in Minnesota are housing cost-burdened. The unsheltered homeless rate has increased by 62% in the past 3 years.

This is untenable - we need to address this lack of affordable housing by reducing barriers to housing and investing in more affordable and equitable housing development.

As Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, I have been committed to hearing and passing bills to protect renter’s rights and break down these barriers. Minnesota will thrive when everyone has a place to call home.

  • Renter’s Rights
    • Past Eviction Expungements
    • Eviction Notice Requirements
  • Housing Infrastructure Bonds
  • We need to fully fund MHFA and DHS nitiatives that help our most vulnerable neighbors.
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