Statement on Campaign Finance Board Ruling

John Lesch

Statement from Representative John Lesch

Regarding 8/1/17 Minnesota Campaign Finance Board Ruling

Monday, Juy 31, 2017; 2:00 p.m. For Immediate Release

Today the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board issued a finding that that I didn’t save my receipts for 5 transactions dating from 2010, 2011, and 2013, and that my prior reports listed incorrect balances.

We have worked diligently with Board staff for more than three years to provide information and answer their questions regarding the campaign finances.  I am disappointed by the Board’s order but am happy to have this matter resolved. 

I acknowledge that the campaign did not maintain adequate records of its expenses.  The record keeping, passage of time, and changes in campaign treasurers made it difficult to reproduce the details of transactions that occurred between four to seven years ago.

The board’s conclusion that funds were converted to personal use is unfounded. It remains based solely on the absence of receipts.  I deny using any campaign funds for personal purposes.

Volunteers are the heart of campaigns in Minnesota. I stand behind the work of my campaign volunteers and treasurers, and accept the absence of proper records as my responsibility.

I am currently representing a client in a jury trial.  That case deserves my full attention, so this statement will serve as my comment on this matter.


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