Representative John Lesch Statement on Humphrey Mondale Dinner Boycott

Republican control of the Minnesota legislature has resulted in repeated hate-filled attacks on immigrants’ rights - including, as seen this year, the whittling away of immigrants' driving privileges.  These measures are ill-considered and short-sighted, not to mention cruel and inhumane.  Governor Dayton has expressed strong disagreement with these measures, yet felt compelled to sign the omnibus bill in which they were contained.

As a candidate for Minnesota Attorney General, I stand in solidarity with the people who demand justice for our immigrant brothers and sisters and, accordingly, I will be boycotting the Humphrey-Mondale Dinner on Saturday, June 3. But as a DFL legislator, I see the necessity of a strong and unified DFL - as it is our best hope for a DFL House and DFL Governor in 2018, when the legislature will value immigrants’ contributions to Minnesota, rather than fearing their progress.

This is why, while I’ll stand with the people who are boycotting the Humphrey-Mondale Dinner, the DFL will still get the contribution I’ve pledged for my table. And I will ask that my contribution be used for the retention and training of Minnesota candidates and organizers from recent immigrant communities, so that the future of the DFL party is prepared to embrace the values that once made us proud.

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