The Humphrey Mondale Dinner is Back On!

The details of the boycott have been worked out between the parties - a development with which I am well pleased. This session's consequences for undocumented Americans were dire, and we are henceforth obligated to stand together in defiance of parochialism and bigotry.

Tonight, a unified DFL will meet at the Minneapolis Convention Center to hear from U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth.  You can read more about Senator Duckworth's story here, but if you're disinclined to click on the link, you should know that she's one tough cookie. She's a double amputee who survived a combat crash in Iraq.  She's endured more hardship, and sacrificed more on behalf of her country, than 99% of the people who wear hats that say Make America Great Again.

Tonight, I'll be excited to stand with everyone who celebrates the real values that made America great.  And for all the future Tammy Duckworths out there - remember never to shrink from a fight, never to let them tell you it's over, and never to let the bastards wear you down.

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