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Drones and license plate readers may get scrutiny

Jul 9, 2014
ST. PAUL, Minn. -- A new commission set up to study Minnesota's privacy and data practices laws could look at rules for drones, license plate readers on police cruisers and abuse of government data, commission members said Tuesday.
The Legislative Commission on Data Practices met near the state Capitol for the first time to start brainstorming...

Swing and a Miss: Supreme Court Contorts Logic, Sacrifices Religious Freedom for Corporate Indulgence

Jun 30, 2014
Many of my friends are lamenting the Supreme Court’s long awaited and already infamous decision in Hobby Lobby v. Burwell.  “Outrageous!” they exclaim, “How is it that my boss should have any say in how my partner and I decide to have a family?”  And, of course, they’re right.  But the real seeds of injustice planted in the Supreme Court’s...

Red Wing Business Adding 100 New Jobs

Jun 25, 2014
DEED announced Monday that Capital Safety, a Red Wing business, is planning a new 60,000 square foot expansion. The expansion, which will help create 100 new jobs in Red Wing, received assistance from the new Minnesota Job Creation Fund – an initiative the Legislature and Governor Dayton invested $24 million in during the 2014 Legislative Session.

Employment Hits Record Level in Central Minnesota

Jun 25, 2014
This morning, the front page of the St. Cloud Times read: “Number of employed hits record.” For the first time ever, employment in the St. Cloud area topped 105,707, and unemployment fell to its lowest rate in the region since 2007. This news comes afterMinnesota gained 10,300 jobs in May, bringing the total jobs gained since 2011 to 154,300 new...

Survey: Minnesota Businesses Expecting Growth

Jun 24, 2014
Yesterday, the Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) released a report showing that 82 percent of Minnesota businesses expect steady or increased profits in the coming year. 
The random sample survey collected responses from 241 business services firms, including legal, public relations, engineering and accounting businesses....

Happy Veterans Day

Nov 11, 2013
When I was 8 years old, my Grandma gave me an old metal ammo box. Scratched into the side of it was the name of her dad: Frank T. Warner. My grandpa never deployed overseas to the European or Pacific theaters during WWII; but he did serve, though he never talked about it – and this green ammo box was the only evidence 8 year old John Lesch ever...